{ “title”: “Hoffa Kennedy”, “date”: “2020-03-08T10:52:41-04:00”, “link”: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIqPwFvD87o” }

Key Speakers

  • Bobby Kennedy
  • Jimmy Hoffa


BK: JH: This is not the issue behind the question of transportation unity. The workers have so elected…If you think its wrong you investigate that - an example of definition BK: Would you allow a communist to be a teamster? JH: We do not have a communist that I know as. If the members elected someone “tagged” as a communist, who has disavowed communism, assuming no proof against him…we would not be allowed to dislodge him from his position, neither would the courts let us do it. However, the provision you are looking for in our constitution is very clear. BK: Mr hoffa. There is no question about mr goldblatt (as a communist). Although there can be a question about mr hoffa (presumably BK mis-spoke, meaning mr bridges) JH: Wait a minute, just a momemt, there is no question about mr hoffa. dont you make an inference that i’m a communist. BK: Evidently, you agree. JH: Don’t you say that. I said dont put me in a class in which they’re tagged. - Again hoffa is going on about definitions

BK: Do you have evidence of where you got the cash? JH: No, take my word for it as the Internal Revenue has. … BK: Would you tell me where you got the cash? JH: I accumulated it. BK: From your salary? JH: From whatever investments I had or whatever salary or income but it was accumulated. BK: Did anything come from the racetrack? JH: It very well could have.

Bonus from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWitsAgxd8U

Interviewer: What do you do for entertainment since you don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t play golf. Jimmy (in his office): Right here, work. 7 days a week I have more fun here working than anyone can have on a golf course…every minute here something new, something keeps you alert because you’re competing with the best brains in the united states. Interview: How often are you home? Hoffa: One week per month. Interviewer: In the choice between power and money a reporter said you’d always choose power. Was he right? Hoffa: Not for myself, I don’t need any additional power than I have but if it came to the question of power as against money certainly I would select power. Because out of having additional power it gives us the ability to get for our members additional economic gains. Nobody in this country respects whats weak. Believe me. If you see a beggar on the corner with his hat in his hand, nobody respects him, dress the same man up, give him an air of dignity and he can command respect. The same thing applies for this union, if we lived in a basement of this magnificent building here, and we were broke and had no monies like the money we have today, ____ would be prone to fight us. But because we are financially solvent, because we have an organization that is equipped to handle any situation that comes in front of us, we are succesful in getting from the employers what our members want and need without strikes.