Key Speakers

Josh - black guy

Mark - fucking idiot

Christian - shitty boyfriend

Dani - bitchy white girl

?? - Swedish Friend who brings dumb Americans along to his hell-home


  • Scene where christian impregnates the virgin is a mythic trope, usually the virgin is eligible for death in that trope. in this one its more a ‘kill the foreigners’ feel
  • The audience sees the foreshadowing with the cutting of the hair and the making a pie with the menstrual blood, something unseen by christian
  • the scene where to people jump off the cliff tells us that we are in a horror society, it is that they live out their rituals…not only a re-enactment of the myths
  • the scene where ?? consoles dani and says “have you been held” by christian. in some ways the movie ruins what is a true love by having the murders. in some ways what i call true love in that sense where ?? genuinely is sympathetic to dani holds up. Its nice that he has sympathy. its not nice that his people kill her boyfriend.
  • the volunteers to their deaths at the end of the movie, they have the thing that will give them no pain… they end up in pain and screaming, and christian is a paralyzed bear without expressing pain.
  • dani smiles as the culminating shot of the movie. it shows that in the death of her old world she is now a member of the cult society horror show and at peace there. another ruiner
  • the indian couple seems to be in the movie as a way to get a few mysterious deaths in there. the death of the man first. the death of the woman second.
  • the comments ?? makes to dani about no one in his society bickers about whose portion is whose is a nice notion. in reality, the whole of their society is shown united in the rituals, there is no dissent in their society. these types of cults fail beacuse in the end there comes a day when you are asked to die. and some people do not want to die.
  • josh sneaks pictures of the sacred book
  • there is the inbred oracle. another mythic feature i recognize.
  • the cinematic shot where the camera is upside down as they drive is a way of showing the audience that the characters are going to have their world turned upside down.

` the pubic hair/menstrual blood pie is a real thing that in the late 80s in north carolina a serial murderer black-widow woman did…

  • that dani becomes the may queen is shown as a non-rigged election. she is shown to be fated to win that competition and become the may queen. the ?? guy kisses her when christian isn’t looking. ?? is a shitty guy, so is christian. in the end ?? wins. and thats plain right.


  • as kseniya watched this i can imagine she was alone and uninterrupted, as i was, and i would venture that if we attempted to watch that movie together that we would be content to invoke no-talking, no-texting rules for the duration as a way to be enveloped in the experience.
  • as kseniya saw the scene when the naked ladies were dancing, was she imagining that scene painted on her wall.
  • what is kseniya’s 30-second take on the movie?
  • what is kseniya’s frame of reference for any of the mythical elements of the movie and does she share any of mine?


  • this movie was not a masterpiece. i have no desire or need to watch it again to catch things that i may have missed. it was not what i have any interest in.
  • i would watch another movie that kseniya recommended or had something to say about. she’s got good things to say about art.
  • the christian, and every other character in the movie from america, were all awful to each other and lacking in any respectable back-bone, making all their deaths acceptable to the viewer


  • what if dani had died? the only way she could have died was in a heroic act, some self-sacrificing act that concluded the movie. as in, christian were to be killed and she got in the way. there’s no way the swedes would kill her.
  • what about the motives of ?? ? he was living life outside of the hell-society, and he found some folks to bring to have as sacrifices. so all along he knew that he’d be murdering those people, that was his aim. and with that in mind, he loves dani in the end and wants her to feel joy. so when she smiles at the end, it seems his aims are met. the shitty americans are dead and the sympathetic, if bitchy, white girl has a new family now


I would be glad for another distraction from COVID-19’s havoc. Midsommar was a movie of the moment that took me so far away from home.