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Key Speakers

Chairman, Mr Nadler of New York Ranking Member, Mr Collins of Georgia Witness, Special Counsel Robert Mueller



  • Director Mueller thank you for being here
  • themes: responibility, integrity, accountability
  • on responsibility:
    • a listing of mueller’s titles establishing his ethos
    • 22 months you never commented in public about your work
      • secured inditements
      • paul manafort case you recovered $43 million making the cost of investigation near $0
      • establishes attacks on the ethos of president and the people on his team
  • nadler leverages muellers ethos (which nadler established) to make points about the responsibility of the congress
  • “it is now my pleasure to recognize the ranking member of the judiciary committee, the gentleman from georgia, mr. collins, for his opening statement”
    • so much overly formal ethos, not what i expect of a congress person who claims to so much animosity toward the opposing republican party


  • ‘for two years leading up to the mueller report…collusion we were told was in the plain sight…we learned the depths of Russia’s malice…’
  • ‘after an extended, unhampered investigation’
  • ‘the president watched the public narrative surrounding this investigation that assumed his guilt while he knew the extent of his innocence.’
    • ‘the president’s attitude was understandably negative yet the president did not use his authority to close the investigation’
    • ‘the president knew he was innocent’
    • ‘those are the facts of the mueller report…russia meddled in the 2016 election. the president did not conspire with the russians. and nothing we hear today will change those facts. but one element remains…the beginnings of the fbi investigation.’
  • ‘paralyzed this committee and the house’
  • ‘i hope this brings closure’

Nadler Introducing Mueller

  • a statement of his character


  • ‘in may 2017 acting AG asked me to serve as Special Counsel…i took that because i thought it was of paramount importance to the nation’
  • ‘it was in the public interest for our investigation to be complete and not last a day longer than was necessary’
  • ‘the investigation needed to be conducted fairly and with absolute integrity. our team would not leak or take other actions that could compromise the integrity of our work.’
  • ‘we charged more than 30 defendants of committing federal crimes… 7 have been convicted or plead guilty…’
  • in addition to criminal charges…we submitted a confidential report that set forth the
  • ‘the AG made the report largely public’
  • ‘there are certain points that bare emphasis. first…the russian government interfered…second…the investigation did not establish that the trump campaign conspired with the russian government…third…our investigation of efforts to obstruct the investigation and lie to investigators was of critical importance. obstruction of justice strikes at the core of the governments effort to find the truth and to hold wrongdoers accountable. finally as described in volume 2 of our report we investigated a series of actions by the president towards the investigation based on justice department policy and principles of fairness we decided we would not make a deterimination as to whether the president committed a crime. that was our decision then and it remains our decision today.’
  • ‘let me say a further word about my appearance today. it is unusual for a prosecutor to testify about a criminal investigation. and given my role as a prosecutor there are reasons why my testimony will necessarily be limited. first, public testimony could effect several ongoing matters - some of these matters, courts rules, or judicial orders limit the disclousre of information to protect the fairness of the proceedings and consistent with long-standing justice department policy it would be inappropriate for me to comment in any way that could effect an ongoing matter. second, the justice department has asserted privileges concerning investigative information and decisions, ongoing matters within the justice department and deliberations within our office, these are justice department privileges that i will respect the justice department has released a letter discussing the restrictions on my testimony. i therefore will not be able to answer questions about certain areas that i know are of public interest. for example i am not able to answer questions addressing the initial opening of the fbi’s russia investigation which occured months before my appointment. or matters related to the so-called stihl dossier. these matters are subject of ongoing review by the department. any questions on these topics should therefore be directed to the fbi or the justice department. as i explained when closed the special counsel’s office in may, our report contains our findings and analysis and the reasons for the decisions we made. we conducted an extensive investigation over two years, writing the report we stated the results of our investigation with precision, we scrutinized every word. i do not intend to summarize or describe the results of our work in a different way in the course of my testimony today. as i said on may 29, the report is my testimony and i will stay within that text. and as i stated in may i will not comment on the actions of the AG or of congress. i was appointed as a prosecutor and i intend to adhere to that role and to the department standards that govern it.’
  • i’m joined by deputy special general…responsible for day-to-day oversight of the investigation