Sessions before Senate on Budget for FY 18 (19?)

Key Speakers

Ranking member Shaheen Attorney General Sessions


  • “omnibus” code word
  • AG has a long introduction by comparison to the chair and the ranking member
  • senator leahy asked a question, then the AG responded with an insistence on following the rules
    • i consider that inflexible insistence on the rules
  • a senator speaking on medical marijuana asked questions of the AG who responded with ‘i would say…’ and made many references to ‘science’ as a basis for judgement - with that generic statement he appealed to a higher authority
  • [from the senator before the senator from Alaska, McKowski] when speaking on pardons the AG made a difference between the pardons of clinton and the pardons of Trump
    • the pardons of clinton were ‘shocking’ and the pardons of the trump people were…
      • one of the guys was 87 and convicted of a misdemeaonr
      • one of the other guys contributed a lot to america
  • in response to a senator the AG says “i don’t believe that’s significant” then he moves up from a stance of quantity, to a stance of definition