Keeping tabs on e-mail and phone


  • Once applications are submitted, an e-mail will be generated and sent to the dedicated e-mail that you created for the client
  • When you receive a reply, open the job tracker in notion. Locate the corresponding job you applied to and type the response under column 6. Most will simply be “auto reply” Some will give a specific time frame. If this is the case, type the time into column 6


  • If a client receives a phone call, it will automatically go into google voicemail. This will generate an e-mail to the dedicated email listed above.
  • You may reply to the employers through this e-mail.
  • If the employer leaves a voicemail request for an interview, you will contact the client. You will tell them the name of the company and the position applied for, and ask for available times. When you have received a response, you will reply to the employer using the e-mail.