new person onboarding


Onboarding a new person means collecting their information, then getting them registered for the relevant accounts, then passing them the instructions to gain access to those accounts.

Payroll Accounts

  1. Gusto

General Accounts

  1. Google Workspace for their @peterbsmyth email
  2. 1Password to access the 'shared' vault
  3. notion to access this workspace

Set up Payroll

  1. Obtain their legal first and last name
  2. If they reside in the US, obtain their state of residence
  3. Obtain their personal e-mail to send the gusto onboarding request to

Setup General Accounts

Google Workspace

  1. visit admin.google.com
  2. sign in using peter@peterbsmyth.com
  3. add user
  4. send sign-in information to new user


  1. visit start.1password.com
    1. sign-in to peterbsmyth
    2. click 'People' from the right-side navigation
    3. click 'Invite People'
    4. invite the user with their @peterbsmyth email
    5. Now the user receives an invitation that they need to accept from their e-mail inbox.

      After the user has accepted:

    6. visit https://my.1password.com/invitations
    7. confirm the new user


  1. send the user the e-mail below from peter@peterbsmyth.com
subject: join us on notion

welcome to peter b’s myth, join on us notion by signing in at https://notion.so/peterbsmyth and remember to download the app. notion for mac or windows