Reading List December 14, 2019

Opioid, Indiana by Brian Allen Carr

Skinny as a suit on a coat hanger
You can’t get less slave. You can get less rich and and you can get less pooor, but you are a slave or you are not.

The Book of Happy

250 Ways to a happier you

By [No Author Mentioned]

Reminisce The happiness that can come from reminiscing about happy memories is as real as the feelings that happened during the aactual event. In fact, people who frequently reminisce about positive life events are the most likely to be happ. So take photos, make scrapbooks, bring home souvenirs, call an old friend, watch your favorite movies…do whatever you need to do to relive those positive memories.
All I ask is one thing. and I’m asking this particularly of young people: please don’t be cyncial. I hate cynicism, for the record, it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen. -Conan O’Brien

Hit Refresh

The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Beetter Future for Everyone

By Satya Nadella

Confronting North Korea could prove to be enormously costly. A lot was on the line, including our brand. But, in the end, we determined that something far more important was at stake: Who we are. Free speech, privacy, security, and sovereignty are timeless, nonnegotiable values.
I went to work on the decision to reengineer our data centers, which required an enormous investment of new resources, but, again, it was the right thing to do.
Litigation of this kind is costly, but we need to push back against government orders when we see core values endangered.
In order to speak or to write–to express yourself–you must have privacy. Our freedom of expression depends to some degree on the privacy required to read, think, and draft. Those private preparations are protected under the Fourth Amendment.

The State of Affairs

Rethinking Infidelity

By Esther Perel

Infidelity is but one type of nonmonogamy–the nonconsensual variety. There are many other forms of consensual nonmonogamy–where partners explicitly negotiate the sexual and emotional boundaries of their relationships. However, it does not follow that consensual nonmonogamy is a safeguard against betrayal, jealousy, or heartbreak. You may think that affairs don’t happen in open relationships, but they do.
…they are looking for more realistic ways to make their vows last, and have concluded that the quest includes other lovers.
Playing with others stokes their ardor for each other.
Tyler, a successful basketball player in his late twenties, came to see me with his girlfriend of six months. Joanie, who had recently given up her life in New York and moved across the country to be with him. Just twenty-one, she’d graduated from art school and was “trying to figure out who I want to be.” Tyler was the one with the control. ThIt was his city, his money, his career. So when she found out he’d stil been hooking up with an old girlfriend, Joanie was less than thrilled.
Tyler tried to put a good spin on his dalliance. “I wasn’t choosing her over you,” he declared. “I’d love for the three of us to have a great time together.” Although Joanie is not opposed to plus ones in principle, she resents him sneaking around behind her back and then trying to make it okay.
To me, what stands out are the multiple power imbalances in this couple, which make his proposal far less equitable than Tyler wants to admit. Their negotiation about fluidity is compromised because she is too vulnerable. Nonmonogamy requires equal footing and trust. A couple needs shared agency when they are going to enter an open relationship. Both parties need to feel that they are choosing from a position of parity.

Christ In Crisis

Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus

By Jim Wales

Budgets are moral documents.

American Judaism

A history

Jonathan D. Sarna

Converts to Judaism, as a result, formally adopt both the Jewish religion and Jewish ancestry. Jewish documents register them as children of the biblical patriarch Abraham and his wife, Sarah.

Would you kill the fat man?

The trolley problem and what your answer tells us about right and wrong

By David Edmonds

The Nazis face two problems. First, despite the near miss to Buckingham Palace, and the terrible toll at the Guards Chapel, most of the V1 bombs actually fell a few miles south of the center. Second, this was a fact of which the Nazis were ignorant.
An ingenious plan presented itself in Whitehall. If the Germans could be deceived into believing that the doodlebugs were hitting their mark–or, better still, missing their mark by falling north–then they would not readjust the trajectory of the bombs, and perhaps even alter it so that they fell still farther south. That could save lives.
There was an impassioned debated between the minister for Home Security, Herbert Morrison, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It would be too crude to characterisze it as a class conflict, but Morrison, who was the son of a policeman from south London and who represented a desperately poor constituency in east London, perhaps felt more keenly than did Churchill the burden that the operation would impose on the working-class areas south of the center. And he was uneasy at the thought of “playing God,” of politicians determining who was to live and who to die. Churchill, as usual, prevailed.