Establishing Trust

Tips on using written and visual information to close

  • Never sell with words. Always show documentation.
  • Never negotiate with words. Write your negotiations down on paper.
  • Never ask for the close with words. Use a buyer’s order.
  • Never make verbal promises. Put all of your assurances in writing.
  • The more data you provide, the better. Don’t be afraid to use lots of data.
  • Keep your information current.
  • Have your written information available and easy to access.
  • Use third-party data as much as possible.
  • The more you’re able to access the data in real time, the better. Real-time data are preferable to prepared data.
  • Use computer-generated data whenever possible.
  • Have Internet access available so you can pull the data up in front of the customer and he can see that it hasn’t been contrived or manipulated.