How to Act

Tip #17: Be Inviting, Not Overbearing

The native male thoroughbreds typically track down bewitching beauties and run from barracudas. Now, when I say “beauties,” you must understand that in Europe you honestly don’t have to be the stereotypical ong-legged, big-boobed Barbie look-alike to attract the guys. In this region, a girl’s beauty is not generally classified by a certain look but by how she plays up what she has—and the persona she puts forth. Every female has something spectacular to offer. If she accentuates it, she can be perceived as a total bird!

When the Girl Next Door Got All the Gorgeous Guys

One of my best friends is not what most men would typically call attractive. Around her US university she was considered one of the guys, not one to ask out. I sadly heard some frat boys refer to her as homely. But in Europe she was a sex siren. Honestly, the gents who asked her out had bodies that put Men’s Fitness models to shame. aThey were intelligent and accomplished, and each was a wonderful conversationalist. Best of all, they adored my friend even though she was nowhere near model-thin and joked that she had hips made for childbearing.

This European male magnet was an expert at using her assets. Her shiny black hair was breathtaking. She always wore it down and frequently ran her fingers through the tendrils to attract stares. Of course it worked! And obviously it didn’t hurt that she put forth 110 percent effort into being bewitching. She was very inviting without throwing herself at the men. She would say “hi” in a playful tone, ask a legit question about directions or where toe eat lunch, or casually comment on the beautiful view and then slowly walk away. As she did, she would look at the men out of the corners of her eyes, as if to say, “You know you want me.” She often glanced back and always gave them time to come up with an excuse to intersect her path. Naturally, she would also turn her head, tossing that showstopping hair.


Man Meeting Tidbit One of my girlfriend’s big-time guy-getting tips is to stand near where food and beverages are being served. I would advise using this tactic whenever possible. When we traveled Europe together, anytime we were at an event featuring refreshments we would stand near the serving table while nonchalantly chatting with each other. Men are naturally programmed to want something to eat or drink—and there we were! They had the perfect opportunity to introduce themselves to us. What do you know? The path from the food to the men’s restroom is also an optimum place for date-trolling. So follow my shiny-haired friend’s example. She is the prototype for how to get these local lovers to love you. Her success rate was 89 percent.


Another Man-Meeting Tidbit European men want to be the initiators in striking up relationships with the opposite sex. Do you think their machismo would have it any other way? Overbearing barracudas—gals who follow in guys’ footsteps, hang around when not invited, or speak in grandstanding voices—are never appealing to them. Just be friendly and give the men a little encouragement. Then they will make their moves. I know some women are go-getters and very independent. Those qualities are absolutely wonderful in many arenas, but not when trying to date the desirable single males in this region. They want to do the work of asking a woman out, and I don’t know about you, but I in no way object.