1. I often form enduring and useful relationships with customers
2. I can effectively offer my customers a unique perspective, teaching them new, unique insights that lead to my company's products and services.
3. I am a true expert in the products and services I sell, comfortably exceeding the knowledge that any expert purchaser might have.
4. I often risk disapproval in order to express beliefs about what is right for the customer.
5. When negotiating with customers, I understand what drives value with different customers, adapting my message accordingly.
6. I can identify the key drivers of a customer's business and use that information to customize my approach.
7. When it comes to fulfilling customer requests, I usually resolve everything myself.
8. In more difficult sales situations, I feel comfortable influencing the customer to make a decision.
9. I can effectively discuss pricing and reimbursement concerns with my customers, on their own terms.
10. I am likely to spend more time on preparation in advance of any sales calls or meetings than everybody else.