Use The Right Tools

This may sound like an ethos question, but it may take some logic to convince him. How can you reveal your mentoring skill while sitting alone with him? One way is to come up with examples–inductive logic. Suppose you don’t have any supervisory experience, though. Remember that facts compose only one of three kinds of examples, the other two being comparison and story. Time for some storytelling!

You: Well, there’s a reason why other employees come to me for advice. Just to give you one example: Jaime over in accounting had a terrific idea for a word-of-mouth promotion–he swore me to secrecy, so I can’t tell you what it is. He asked me how to approach you, and I helped him put together a short presentation and booked the time on your calendar. You see him next Tuesday.

Well done. By telling a story, you put the boss in your shoes. Whenever you can get the audience to see through your eyes, and experience what you experienced, you put them in a receptive mood. The boss talks about the straegy in your memo, you go over your particular strengths, and it’s time to warp things up.