i am the layman that gave the elite his wealth

I Am the Layman

That Gave the Elite His Wealth

I am the layman that gave the elite his wealth,

I am the common man with a rare composure.

I am the peaceful one

with dove-tailed stories of unity,

who inspired the warmongering demagogue to fire on the enemy.

I make no claims against my anxiety,

and claim it brings wind calm.

I am the dying breather with a final expulsion,

whose expulsion births the child.

I am the ignorant unasking viewer,

whose agreement

makes the intelligent ask anew.

I am the standout in the Square,

I brought the similar their style.

In the bedroom without a light to see,

there is one out of many.

In the river the water runs over the rocks,

smoothly edges become linked.

Pardon, I stare into the Feed,

I pull it from myself then it timeouts. (times out)

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