All 28 of you received this message on Saturday, "I'm giving in to the slowness of the holiday weekend, shutting my phone off for the next day and a half. I'll be deciding whether to come back to Las Vegas after Christmas to continue building the professional and personal relationships that have started taking shape here. What can you do to help? Send encouragement and good vibes 😛" It would have been a group MMS if not for a technical error.

Colleagues, friends, family,

Yesterday, Sunday morning, I awoke from my dream by the final words, "did you ever have a plan in your head?" The words were spoken by Vin Diesel. He's in character from The Fast and The Furious movie that my dream was set in. His ultimate act before I woke up was throwing his character's sister over a stairway that ascended the center of an industrial parking garage. The stairs were ruggedly made with steel grip steps and risers. He throws his sister over the rail through a rear windshield in a car driven by his compatriots. She's dead on impact.

"Did you ever have a plan in your head?" He asked out loud because he planned every moment from the beginning, and now he is facing the fact that in his ultimate act in the getaway he killed his sister. He poses the question to his crew angrily, as if maybe the did not once in their lives have a plan of their own while he did. He poses the question as if their lack of planning was the cause for what happened to his sister just then. In the execution of his plan, which spanned my whole dream, he has been getting into trouble and having stress. He is following his plan and doing it is causing him stress...and he asks the women and men in the getaway car, "did you ever have a plan in your head?"

The dream is a movie-like scene with action and intrigue and issues. Vin Diesel, throwing his character's sister over the rail of the stairway and down through the rear windshield is solving an issue, and he assumes it will go well. It does not. She dies.

"Did you ever have a plan in your head?" He did and in the culminating moment where, if she live, his plan would have been a full success, it is now a full disaster. The whole thing hinged on this one part being successful. As in, he took a risk with his sister's life, a part of his plan, and it killed the plan, and it killed her.

Aside, I want to buy the Ibsen play for Britney, "A Doll's House," as a gift for the time in Las Vegas.

I think the moral or conclusion of the dream is that i am going to stay in Las Vegas in January until February.

Yet, the broader conclusion is there is little value in an individual's plans for others. It is one thing to have a plan for yourself, and for my life, I find that one thing unadvisable. I believe in a minimum effective plan, MEP, it looks like taking actions that are basically so simple that they are goign to be effective, like setting ambitions so low that they're bound to be met. I believe in minimum effective planning for myself. I believe in sharing the lifestyle with friends.

Now friends, do not have a plan for me. Do not have aspirations nor dreams for me. Do not, especially in times of my own weakness, begin to plan my next actions for my benefit. I will do the same.

About Las Vegas now, I will take January for more of what I did here already, hanging out with the minimum effective planning of doing flexin. Well, flexin and friends. Friends and lovers.

It feels good to be out of a plan of others. That's not a reference to any particular plan from others that I was part of, it is a simple statement of what I am currently feeling. It feels good to be out of the social groups I have come to know and love in Syracuse and at The Internet. It feels good to be in the wild out here. It feels good to have an employee, Angel, dedicated to flexin with me. He is earning a bump in equity to fit. Double. It is the only time that I will be able to do that, now, doubling equity.

Plans were the topic of discussion with Britney, if that even is her real name. Let's call her Britney here for the sake of argument. We enjoyed smoothies while agreeing that boys and girls have plans for us from time to time and when they do it gets funky. Funky like a euphemism for a four letter word. It happens to us too often, someone we meet becomes a planner for our lives and imposes their plans on us in their minds. The challenge for both of us, the challenge for people who know us is that we have the ability to notice. We notice. Well, the spontaneity of our lives is a foil for those would be schemers. Thats good. (I bought her A Doll's House, an Ibsen masterpiece that reveals in short pages that the only righteous act in the face of subjugation to a plan from a loved one is to leave. Also, the ending is good.)

Angel and I will be in Las Vegas in January. After January, there's not much of a plan where we'll be at. I'm saying, we lived in the same house for a month and spent more time talking to each other on Zoom that we did face-to-face when it came to work. We will be fine from anywhere.

As for me? I will be anywhere but home. Then when I am home again, and yes, Syracuse is my home, I will be there independent of the plans or ambitions of any other.