leadership of simplicity

“leadership of simplicity” and “entrepreneurship is not about profit,” both phrases entered my mind in the previous 24 hours as worthy of being written.

i am at the desk in the house my uncle bought with his husband for their mutual retirement. it is deep in the north carolina mountains with hardly a person in sight. the place itself takes me out of my day-to-day. i try to bring it with me, bring my day-to-day ideas of business and the day-to-day routines i do at home.

having just worked out it feels like i have brought something of home with me. having professional messages without replies in my text message inbox, there is something of business too.

just as much as i want to bring it with me i want to discover new parts of myself. this journey inward means letting go of the outside aspects of what i might normally be attached to. how do i say that? i mean, the constant planning and pursuing of…the constant involvement in the lives of my friends and business associates. how do i get any time for myself?

well, it is not easy, not practicable either. i cannot practice or am not aware of how anyway to be focused on myself. since discovering the school of rhetoric i have been propelled into society as an active and contributing member. it looks like being deliberative and engaged in home, work, and public affairs. before my discovery the only tools i had were self-centered. like zen meditation. like journal-writing. like focus on diet. for example, my first trip to this house lasted a month or more and i was cooking pasta regularly, eating as much as i could, in an effort to grow in size. i did. in that month i got bulkier.

i hear my uncle talking about going out for breakfast, my cue to move on with the day. time to change from my fitness outfit to a public outfit and time to talk to others.


now with my outside world cloths on, my mind is open to others, that means you @Jodi McDonald, are on my mind. i am thinking about how you export contracts and that there might be a way to improve on the outcome. because wyatt’s contract has some deliverables to edit there is currently 2 places that i need to edit - the contract itself and the deliverables table. the contract has a “simple table” and the deliverables table is a database. here i am in the middle of the woods considering can the table exist as a database in the contract where we use it and then in the page export convert to a simple table. probably. not that it matters. it is not easy to stop thinking about you and everyone at work because i care about the people i work with. i rely on you, on everyone. i know you are doing fine. i can rest at night knowing it is all going fine.

cheers to a fine day behind us and a fine day ahead.

@Peter Smith read and understood. yes i am doing fine. yes things will get done. Quincy and I are in the office. he is looking over the contract and i am looking in to setting up brandy.petyerbsmyth.com. i tried yesterday and got stuck. i will try again this am with a fresh brain. i will attempt to contact you around 11 am with any updates. cheers indeed!