the boy who couldn’t hear the bird

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hear the Bird

The boy shouted, “I got a message,” as he and his dad walked the park trail.

On this first day of Summer all the world around them was alive. The trees alive with rustling branches making wayward shadows. The runners alive with heaving, gasping, pants. The dogs alive lapping at the water.

The boy heard a chirp then pulled his phone from his pocket.

“Where have I done wrong by you, that you would mistake a bird in the tree for a text?” As his dad wondered, the boy checked his phone again.

He was lost in expectation now, awaiting a message that would never come. He was hearing the real chirps but didn’t listen to the bird’s song.

Life gives you what is real and imitations false hope. There is nothing to seek nor find. Open your eyes and see that real life surrounds you.

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