the wtf!? guide to RLY, $RLY,
the wtf!? guide to RLY, $RLY,

the wtf!? guide to RLY, $RLY,

built on top of the RLY network.


has a budget that tees up and it allows for budget spending to make creators successful, money for integrating rally into other startups with traction


aiming for 3-5 / quarter

focusses on open-source style projects that benefit the tooling in rally

issued by and

aim to be done in ~3 months dev time

issued on gitcoin

projects with MIT license like a node SDK

RLY Network Association

- manages the side-chain. as in, manages the ethereum work.

  • for people wanting to build on the mainnet

RLY CommunityDAO



RLY Community Developer Council (CDC)


CDC Grant

typically a grant fits the role of a business partnership, it is an integration with a tool


web3 incubator that brings in a product leader to grow products on the RLY network


rally twin in asia