theoremone assessment

theoremone assessment


i had fun with the assignment’s open-ended nature. i have taken many roles in my career in software. as an engineer, i spoke at google to their developers about web development. as a product manager, i earned my company over $1,000,000 USD by providing clients not only with the software they envisioned, with the software that pushed my team’s capability and their product to the next level.

cold presentations are scary. so i had fun writing up my response as a sample blog post that envisions the client presenting it to their customers. the visuals i created annotate the provided wireframes in service to extending the client’s idea while preserving and respecting their work.

what do i hold back in this approach? i have not written user stories, if i had they would have been in BDD format. i have not specified any vendor for search, if i had it would have been elasticsearch. i have not provided any original mockups, if i had they would have been from balsamiq.

there’s a lot to discuss. when we are on the 60-minute call i will be eager for the opportunity to go in-depth and explore it all together!


peter b smith

music search pro july release

so good to be writing to you today searchers! we have some exciting news about our product. by popular demand we have a new search feature now available in public beta.

for years music search pro users have been asking us for this feature and we wanted to take the time to get it right. the requests are familiar to you, i am sure you yourself were wishing we had a search box on our site. we listened.

what is search in 2022?

think back to google in 2000, if you were alive and on the internet then, you remember you typed in a keyword and you got a page of results after pressing enter or clicking “search.” fast-forward today and the mere act of typing can prompt results “brad pitt age” brings up the result, “58 years” (where has the time gone!?).

search is not only delivering a page of results, search is delivering functionality at the speed of thought.

fanciful vs functional

music search pro is not google. we do not know how google gets brad pitt’s age so fast, we assume a sentient artificial intelligence with a dash of unicorn horn. instead of trying to do fancy stuff, we decided to make our first search box work, work well, and extend what you already know and love to do with us - find your tracks.

filter from search

we wanted our search box to behave better than google did in 2000. so first thing we did was enable filtering from the search box. type in a word found in our set of filters and see the option to toggle the filter on and off appear as you type. i will let you in on a secret, i use this method all the time now and hardly touch the filter box because now i can drill deep into a filter immediately.

search like the wind

we are music people first, last, and always. so we decided to leverage the best search technology available to surface results for you with all manner of room for user error. not your error of course, we are talking about your typo-prone friend. in our search box you can search any keyword found in our database and quickly jump directly to the matching track in most cases. in cases where we cannot immediately find you a match we tell you as fast as we can so you can respond immediately.

simple, snappy, and stronger

new is not always nice. we love providing you the best music and with tens of thousands of options we work hard to improve delivery. we built this search tool to be a start for further improvements, yet made sure to start it right. you will see that the search bar is similar to what you may find on other sites, fast to provide results, and makes the experience of using our site more compelling. we are monitoring the responsiveness of the tool as we roll it out and aim to keep it quick while we add functionality.

to infinity 100,000+ and beyond

search lays the foundation for expanding our library. with filtering, exclusively, it is not exactly easy to navigate all of our existing library, let alone a library 10x it’s size. with search we are now in a place to add to our library, provide you with more track options, deeper data about our music, and some day point you to the track that changes your life!